Friday, December 7, 2007

You Can Do It, Too!

This is fascinating. Make your own Stonehenge—all by yourself.

But someone needs to tell Wally that when the Space Aliens built stonehenge 4000 years ago they probably used tractor beams and anti-gravity ray guns.


Anonymous said...

The aliens probably didn't even need ray guns, they could just use the power of their minds to raise the stones. :)

On the video,

a) how do you get the first stone under the 2000-pound block? (or the first two-by-four under the 19,000-pound block?)

b) how is he going to raise the crossbeams? I guess the same way, with the two-by-fours, but just go on up to eleven feet and then...shove them over on top of the upright blocks?

Anonymous said...

Wally has moved more than concrete blocks. It looks like all his neighbors have moved away, too.
Don't show this to my neighbor; he'll build a Stonehenge BBQ pit.