Thursday, December 6, 2007

For Sure

You need to have been caught up in the whole Late Great Planet Earth idiocy in the 70's—like I was—to know just how tragically funny this is.

Well, the ending is a bit scary. I must confess that I'm quite happy not to know what the preacher who came after the song said about Daniel and the "end times."

But if you really, really want to know about Daniel and the end times, make sure you get a copy of James B. Jordan's new commentary The Handwriting on the Wall: A Commentary on the Book of Daniel.

Check out David Field's first look at Jordan's commentary.


Barbara said...

LOL! Brings back the memories...

jennifer h said...

Really funny!

Anonymous said...

Is Chilton's book, "Days of Vengeance" on Revelation any good? Jordan's book has a similar "look" like they are supposed to go together.

Anonymous said...

"The approach of the book is marked by:

8. Cheerful (and sometimes curmudgeonly) unfashionableness. Early dating, traditional authorship, defense of biblical chronology, unashamed constant reference to Christ (how could it be otherwise?!), impatience with "unbelieving scholarship", utter lack of interest in being respected and consistent resolve to be useful." :-)

Perfect. Can't wait to read it.