Sunday, December 2, 2007

Secretary of Defense for Mike Huckabee

Whatever you think of Huckabee for Presendent, this AD is pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

That's the first political ad I've enjoyed...ever. Steve and I always loved "Walker, Texas Ranger" (cheesy, I know).

How refreshing to see humor instead of slander! Thanks!

jennifer h said...

Well, if Walker, Texas Ranger, endorses Huckaby, then that does it for me!

Seriously, the ad is pretty compelling. It makes Huckaby seem really approachable. Is he really a Southern Baptist?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, he was a Baptist minister at one point, although I don't know for sure if it was Southern Baptist.

Take a look at his's fascinating, and he talks about his background there. There are a number of video interviews posted there which I found compelling.

Caleb said...

I think it makes Huckabee look like a fool.