Friday, April 22, 2011

The Gardener & his Beloved - An Easter Meditation

The Da Vinci Code Be Damned: A Typological Reading of Mary Magdalene
or The Gardener & His Beloved
Song of Solomon 3:1-5, 5:1-6:3 & John 20:1-18

A famous painting depicting this dramatic scene with Mary and Jesus outside of the garden tomb can be seen on a fresco in a chapel in Padua, Italy. It was painted by Giotto di Bondone in the early 14th century. Jesus is striding from the tomb with a victor’s flag in his left hand. But with his right hand is held out, keeping Mary from coming close. This part of the fresco has been called Noli me tangere (“Do not hold me”).

But there are problems with Giotto di Bondone’s interpretation of this biblical story. He depicts the resurrected Christ as aloof, cold, as one who is onward and upward, leaving for higher concerns, one who cannot be held back by this woman. “Do not hold me” seems to mean “I’ve got more important things to do.” And Mary drops to her knees in tears longing for her beloved.

Read the entire meditation here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Resurrection Presbyterian Church's Particularization Service

On Sunday, March 6, 2011, Resurrection Presbyterian Church as "particularized" at a worship service conducted by a commission of Missouri Presbytery. Over 300 people showed their support for Resurrection's ministry by attending the service. Pastor Chris Smith was installed as the Pastor. Elders and deacons were ordained and installed. The officers and members of Resurrection were prayed for, charged, and blessed by ministers and elders from Missouri presbytery, the broader PCA, and the Lutheran church!

Maybe best of all, after the service we were all treated to an amazing feast, the highlight of which was roast pork cooked by the guys at Iron Barley. The members of Resurrection worked hard to make this a great night. Thank you!

You can see more images from the service here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeffrey's First IDPA Match

My 17-year-old son Jeffrey shot his first match this past Sunday at the Benchrest club in Wright City, MO. The scores are in and he came in 15th out of 50 shooters. And 5th out of 30 SSP (stock service pistol) shooters. Pretty good for his first match.