Monday, December 31, 2007

World War 3.0

This is scary.


Unknown said...

pwn3d by 1337 ha4x0r

This is a great example of a massive DoS

David A Booth said...


This is amazing.

Actually, it is worse than World War III in one sense: One thing that keeps countries from going to war against each other is the fear of retaliation.

The modern world has made terrorism (in this case cyber-terrorism) much more potent than in the past.


David A Booth said...

In case that wasn't clear, I meant to imply that a hundred IT experts could pull this off without any government support.

Bobber said...

One thing not mentioned is what OS is being used by these terrorists. I guarantee you it is over 90% of the time a Windoze box. All the more reason not to get an operating system made by the great Borg of Redmond.