Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What I Want For Christmas

One of these will be just fine. Body only. I have lenses.

Nikon D3

And check with one another first before you go out and buy one for me. I don't really need two of them.


shookfoil said...

Hey, camera man! Since you've broched the subject... I'm planning to buy one of these today. Got any reason why I shouldn't? We need a thinnish, light camera that is not too expensive, but that also has some cool functions. One that Laura can work easily, but that I can fiddle with more in depth. Got an opinion?




Jeff Meyers said...


I'd go with a Canon or Nikon. 600 bucks is awful expensive for what you get with a Leica. Sheez, you can get a nice D40 Nikon DSLR for that (with lenses!). I'm looking at reviews and not seeing that this Leica is all that great for the price.

Did you know it's the same camera as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2, but just more expensive.

I know, I know, the Leica looks retro-cool. I know you, buddy. I do. Trust me.

Before you buy, check out the reviews here:


Canon's make some of the best compact digi cameras these days. Nikon the best DSLRs.

I've got a Canon G7 that I use for my compact. It's great. But the new G9 is quite impressive.


Same general look - semi-retro-cool. ;-) Cheaper than the Leica. Better built. More functions. Point and shoot for the wife. Lots of adjustments for you. I'm not a Canon rep!

Will K said...

Or you could go with what I most often carry and shoot--a 1990 RB67 Golden Lizard. It loses major points on compactness though. :)