Sunday, December 9, 2007

A 1960's Christmas

This year we decided to go with a retro aluminum Christmas tree. We had one of these when I was growing up in the '60's, maybe even in the 70's. But I'm not sure. Things get fuzzy for me thinking about the past. We're able to do this because one of the families in the church heard me tell a story about how as a kid I loved to sit under the rotating aluminum tree and watch the shiny ornaments pass over me with the color wheel spinning off to the side. So a few years ago they got me one for Christmas. Now this year since we gave our artificial green tree to Becky for her apartment in San Antonio last year, and we didn't want to spend $75 for a fresh tree, we got this one out and set it up. I think it's pretty cool.

Here's the silver tree.

Now, let's spin it.

And spinning even faster!

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Anonymous said...

Totally groovy, man.

Unknown said...

My grandmother had one of those in the 60's.

Barbara said...

Oh.... man. You're killing me. Hey, next year you need a pink flocked tree! That would be totally cool.