Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ejected Casing & More

I love to capture the ejected casing in these kinds of shots. This is Jeffrey shooting a Sig P228 (9mm) yesterday. Yeah. His grip is squirrelly. I know. Hey, he's 15. He does what he wants.

I may as well give you a video, too. But in this video he's shooting an RIA (Rock Island Armory) .45 auto (1911a1 CS GI). See the picture below the video.

The RIA 1911 "Officers" 45 auto


Bobber said...

The Filipino angle is interesting to me. This short review gives a little indication why Filipinos have an interest in the 1911 design. I hope I can give it try some time, it looks like a very nice gun for the price.

Jeff Meyers said...

Oh yeah. I'm on the 1911 forum and have seen that review. Let me know when you want to shoot it!