Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lumix DMC-LX3 Review & Images

Well, not a full-blown review, but sometime more like a recommendation. I know that most of my blog readers will not necessarily be interested in this, so this is for those who are Googling and looking for reviews on the Lumix LX3.

I've been looking for a good "point & shoot" as a back up for my Nikon D300 for some time. I've actually tried a number of potential cameras over the past few years. A Canon G7. Nope, sold it on eBay. A Canon G9. Had it for a while but then sold it. I returned a few other smaller point and shoots, too. I just haven't found anything that I really like.

Part of the problem is that I'm spoiled with Nikon and Nikkor lenses. I haven't been able to find a smaller, pocket camera that comes even close to the quality of images I get from my Nikon equipment. I also need some flexibility to work in different "modes" so that I can set aperture or ISO quickly depending on the lighting and subject. I thought I was asking for too much.

A week ago I bought a new Lumix DMC-LX3. I read the reviews and it seemed like what I wanted. So far I've been very, very pleased.

Today I took it with me on my daily walk. That's something I just cannot do with my Nikon. Too big and clunky. I walk an hour every day in the neighborhood and in a park nearby. I snapped a lot of pictures while I was walking. All jpegs. The metering on this camera is really, really good. The dynamic range is impressive. The Leica lens is unbeliebably sharp for a little guy. The "intelligent auto" is almost always dead on. It choses pretty much what I would otherwise choose manually. I love the wider angle lens (24mm). I can set it to aperture priority, which is how I usually shoot with my D300. The "auto LCD" is a nice touch that gives you variable brightness depending on how bright the ambient light is.

Anyway, click the read more below to see some of the images I took today. There's a little post-processing with most of them, but not that much. This is one phenomenal little point and shoot.

You can go to my LX3 gallery to see more images.


Wayne Larson said...

I remember reading the review in to this camera. They loved it.

Becky Meyers said...

and the price??

Jeff Meyers said...

Double what you are looking to spend, Becky. I still think that the Canon SD750 will be MORE than enough for you. Everything you need. The LX3 is more like a photographer's point and shoot. Stick with the Canon.

Becky Meyers said...

k :) as soon as i get my rebate back from my new cell phone i will get the camera :)

Jeff Cagle said...

I love my Lumix FZ-30. Its Achilles heel, though, is low-light shots; I get really grainy pics pretty easily inside.

Completely different topic: I just read your GA paper on communion and was encouraged greatly by it.

Jeff Cagle