Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ghost House

I saw this abandoned house as I was driving on Hwy 163 about an hour west of Pella, Iowa. I turned around and was surprised that I could make it up the old dirt road to the house itself. I didn't have a lot of time, so I captured these 5 images.

Ghost house

Front Door


Sitting Room



Lori Waggoner said...

Love these shots, Jeff.

Clayton Pearlstein said...

In the picture of the stair case, how did you get that all that texture and lighting? Is there a lot of post processing?

Angie B. said...

Hope you didn't try to climb those stairs.

Jeff Meyers said...

I did climb them. They were a bit more sturdy than they look. Nothing worth photographing upstairs, however.

Mr. Brown said...

Jeff: New to your blog but just amazed by your photography. I want to take pics like these!

Pics of the ghost house remind me of a Wyeth painting. Well done.

Hope to spend more time here in future.