Friday, July 18, 2008

This Looks Like My Kind of Book


Becky Meyers said...

its scary looking!

Garrett said...


Is that one of those sites where you post your own picture onto the cover? ;)


Bobber said...

I see that the author has a blog. The book at Amazon has this comment in the description: "Why choke down bland, mushy steamed veggies and brown rice when there s so much fat-laden, calorie-rich, heart-bursting cuisine out there to be savored? Because you want to live? So you can spend your golden years wandering aimlessly around a Florida shopping mall and eating dinner at 2 in the afternoon? So your rotten, ungrateful kids can plop you into some hellhole of a nursing home the minute you forget what day it is?"

So the point seems to be that there is no quality of life in old age. Well there is some truth to this. We confuse aging with quality of life. That is to say, just because you live to a ripe old age doesn't mean that your life will have a very high quality to it.

What about the guys in the bible who lived a long time? What was there quality of life like? Seems that it was pretty good wasn't it? What do you think they ate? Was the total nutritional content of their food any different than ours? I think it was in some significant ways although that is probably not the whole story on their lifespans.

As a counter point, consider this very interesting blog entry by Dr. Michael Eades on a book written by an engineer on the topic of aging.

Al said...

Speaking of books, I am giving your book away (possibly) on my blog. Just thought I would let you know.

al sends

Lori Waggoner said...

Whoa, Bobber. That book cover prompted all that? You need help.