Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vacation Blues

I'm on vacation this week, but I'm mad. I installed Leopard yesterday. When I restarted the system I was shut out. My login names and passwords didn't work. Argh. I spent way too much time yesterday trying to figure it out. I searched the support pages and discussions for some answers, but nothing there helped. I just talked with Apple support and did an Archive and Install. I'm waiting for it to be done.

I had hoped to continue with daily blog posts while on vacation, but I don't have access to what I need on this laptop.

I've been doing Mac OS upgrades since 1984. This is the first time I've had this kind of problem. I guess that's pretty good, but I'm still mad.

And, Bob, don't say a word about Linux or I'll. . .


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I think Scot McKnight of had the same problem. You might want to check out that psot and some of the tech help over there.

Bobber said...

I don't think anyone does these sorts of things better (or even close to as good as) Apple does. So I am surprised to hear about your troubles too.

Upgrading Linux can be tricky. Depends on the distro.

Hope you are back at it soon.

Daniel Stoddart said...

It looks like ubergeek and Blogger inventor Evan Williams had the same problem as you today:

When Evhead is experiencing Mac issues, you know it's bad.