Monday, November 5, 2007

Peggy at Her Best

"John Edwards seems like a furry animal on a wheel, trying so hard, to the point he's getting a facial tic, and getting nowhere, failing to get his little furry paws on his prey, not knowing you have to get off the wheel to get to the prey. You have to stop the rounded, rote, bromidic phrases, and use a normal language that cannot be ignored."

But this Wall Street Journal article is really about Hillary and well worth reading.


pdug said...

People have pointed out her ethical lapses for so long that they seem boring, or impossible to believe. "That couldn't be true or she wouldn't be running for president." This thought collides with "And we already know all this anyway."

nice doublethink line.

jennifer h said...

I love Peggy Noonan. Here's my favorite part of her article:

"Her husband would have had the sense to look embarrassed as he bobbed and weaved. It was part of his charm. But he was light on his feet. She turns every dance into the polka. And it is that amazing thing, a grim polka."

Thanks for the link!