Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reading Level

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Well, according to Wayne (who alerts me to all these goofy tests), I must be a dang good writer!


Anonymous said...

I did this last week and that's how mine came out too. I was slightly offended! But here's the funny thing...I tested several people's blogs, including your own (at which point I felt a little better about my score). ONE of the blogs came in at "GENIUS" level. Whose?

Barlow's Bird Files, which is posted by a 9-year-old. Suddenly I felt justified in disregarding the results.

DPC said...

That is like totally so cool. Like - that really rocks. That goes to show that your fine education at Lindbergh really stuck with ya. Lindbergh Flyers rule dude.

pdug said...

So's mine.

Green Baggins, interestingly, is "Undergrad"

Garver's is "genius" apparently.


Jeff Meyers said...

I got me an edukashun at Lindbergh? Really? All I remember is football and parties.

Anonymous said...

Parties at MY house!

Yes, my pastor used to party in the house in which I now live...back when it had red shag carpet in the basement!

There's no more red shag, but he still shows up for the parties! ;-)