Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh my, No. Please!

How can I not respond to this? I must address such blasphemous effrontery. But now I'm beginning to sound a bit like Ignatius Riley. Oh, just wait. I have something to say about him in my next post.

But for now, let me point out what an incredibly awesome game Rainbow Six Vegas truly is. Halo and Halo 2 prostrate themselves low. This is the best shooter I've ever played, hands down. I'm talking about the single-player, story line part of the game. I'm not sure about multiplayer or the Xbox life game play. Bracketing those, the game play is perfect. The sets are visually stunning. The controls are just right. Everything about this game is just right.

The only small critique I have is the same one I have with every shooter - you are always constrained to go one way. I wish one day that we will have the memory and processing power to have more freedom in the environments we inhabit in these games. But besides that, this game is pure fun. I'm about finished, so I hope they come up with a sequel soon.

But I've got Ghost Recon 2 in the queue. That's supposed to be just as good or better. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I've only played the first level or so single-player, but I bug my friend to play the co-op mission sequence with me every time I'm at his house. It's awesome as well.

I wish FPSes had more open environments, too. So I switch to GTA or KOTOR or something more sandbox or RPG-like whenever I feel too constrained. But it'd be nice to combine them. (Deus Ex did that better than most games, but it's getting to be pretty old...I hear they may be working on a third Deus Ex game, though, which would rock.)

Have you seen the trailers for No Country for Old Men? I can't tell much about the story from them--looks like Javier Bardem just goes around being evil and killing people.

Anonymous said...

Oblivion has your name written all over it Jeff.

Jeff Meyers said...

I'll check it out, Roger! Thanks.

Jandy: You need to read No Country for Old Men. The trailer, of course, is going to appeal to a certain audience, but the book (and I hope the movie) is more complex. There's definitely a lot of evil stuff in the story. Hey, it's a McCarthy novel after all.

But I will say this about R6 Vegas. Sometimes all you have to do in these games is run into an area and start shooting. If you are quick, you can beat the level and there's a lot of forgiveness. But in R6V it really does make a difference if you plan your attack and move your men properly. And sometimes you just have to be patient and pick terrorists off one by one.