Friday, August 17, 2007

Contemporary Novelists

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm visiting a Borders or Barnes & Noble I typically scan the shelves for my favorite living contemporary novelists and writers to see if they've published anything new.

Here's my list (in the order in which they come to me):

Umberto Eco
James P. Blaylock
Gene Wolfe
Tim Powers
William Gibson
Cormac McCarthy
Vernor Vinge
Ray Bradbury
John C. Wright
John Crowley
Tom Wolfe

Of course, I have other favorite authors that I don't expect new books from and therefore I don't scan the book shelves for them. They're dead.

Does anyone else do the same thing in these bookstores?

Oh, and I just saw that William Gibson has a new novel Spook Country. I hope to get a copy today. Cool.


Anonymous said...

If you read the new Gibson book, please let us know how it is! I have loved all the Gibson books I've read, but I resist buying hardcovers because I'm cheap. What Cormac McCarthy do you recommend starting with? I've been meaning to get into his works. Eco's another one of my favorites.

Have you read any Michael Chabon? The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is really good, and he's got a fairly new one out now, I think. Or Neal Stephenson? If you like Gibson, you'd probably like Stephenson, too. Of course, you need more things to read about as much as I do. ;)

Jeff Meyers said...

Jandy: I'll let you know how it is when I'm farther into it. I'm not sure what McCarthy book to recommend as a starter. I started with No Country for Old Men and then read the others. The Road is his latest and maybe his best. Why not start there?

Yes, I've read Stephenson's Snow Crash. I've yet to read his newer ones, however. Need to do that.

Never read Chabon. Thanks for that. I actually do need to know that there are more good novelist out there. Thanks!

I assume you got back to WTX okay?

Anonymous said...

I've heard amazingly good things about The Road, but I've so far been unsuccessful at getting it from the library (too new still, I guess). The fact that the Coen Brothers are doing the film version of No Country for Old Men is making me excited about that one, too.

Snow Crash is still my favorite Stephenson book (I named my wireless network "Metaverse" one time), but Diamond Age is a close second. Cryptonomicon is great, if you like mathy stuff. I still need to finish his Baroque trilogy, though.

Anonymous said...

I read Pattern Recognition and enjoyed it. It seems there is some association with PR and Spook Country.

I would recommend McCarthy's No Country for Old Men as a starter. This is not to diminish The Road though. A delightful book. My favorite McCarthy book though is Blood Meridian. The prose is hypnotic.