Monday, October 13, 2008

Image of the Day

Westward Expansion Dreamscape
I posted something similar to this about a month ago, but this is a new shot from a new angle. The sky is much better in this one, too (=clouds).


Bobber said...

Man, this is so cool. Even better than the last one!

Anonymous said...

Great!! How do I get my camera to to get that infrared look? Is it as simple as a lense, filter, etc?

Jeff Meyers said...

Mark: this was captured with an infrared-converted Nikon D70s. I sent it into LifePixel and they did the work.

They did a great job and I love the results.

I tried IR filters (like Hoya's R72), but they just don't cut it. You need a converted camera to get these kinds of shots.

You also need to do some post processing in Photoshop and/or Capture NX2.

You can check out my IR gallery here to see more:

Bettye said...

Jeff, did you know that when you see a "popcorn" sky like this it means thunderstorms are coming? I learned this flying with Mike.