Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Lost Art

This girl should be allowed to vote. I like John C. Wright's idea: make field stripping an AR-15 rifle a requirement for voter registration.


Becky Meyers said...

that was awesome! she was so excited that she did it!

Unknown said...


Impressive. I forwarded this to my son and his brother-in-law, Paul. Paul, who is currently stationed with the Army in Germany, responded with the following conversation he had with his infant daughter:

Initially I was pretty impressed, so like a good parent I previewed it prior to showing it to my daughter. I found no flaws.

Maddie was initially impressed but had the following comments.

-Did not conduct an initial functions check or check to make sure the weapon was clear
-Failed to do a PROPER functions check at the end of her reassembly
-Failed to make sure the gas rings were properly aligned

-Good muzzle awareness throughout her sequence
-Broke the weapon down to include disaasembly of the extractor(normally not done)
-Good use of the "wrist flick" to ensure the bolt carrier assembly was both properly assembled as well as postioned to engage the extracting handle

Had a good discussion with Maddie on her last "negative" I am not convinced you need to check for gas ring alignment, Maddie out that since the AR-15/M-16/M-4 series rifles use a gas impingement system rather than a short stroke op rod that the gas ring alignment is the most important part of the assembly.

At that point she wanted a formula bottle so we curtailed the discussion.