Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pastry Chef Becky in the News

From the current Texas Monthly:
Coco Chocolate Lounge & Bistro
San Antonio
by Patricia Sharpe

The nerve. Another reviewer grabbed the Sex and the City image I had intended to use in writing about Coco, the tall, dark, and sensuous bistro that recently opened on San Antonio’s far north side. Now I have to trot out my second-best movie comparison: Moulin Rouge. Actually, they both work: I can see the four Sex pistols on one of Coco’s red velvet banquettes, appraising their latest boy toy while dipping ripe fruit in chocolate fondue. But I can also imagine Nicole Kidman in a scarlet gown at the bar devouring a Kiss, Coco’s diet-be-damned dessert of crème brûlée swathed in chocolate mousse

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Mark said...

Wow! congrats to Becky.

But wow! That is great writing. I'm suddenly hungry.

Ruth said...

I would definitely skip over all the preliminaries and just order some of Becky's desserts along with strong black coffee. My dream world!

Becky Meyers said...

well, all y'all need to do is come down to san antonio, and you can eat all ya want!

jennifer h said...

Kudos to Becky! What a great review and so cool to mention Becky by name! We'd love to visit, Becky. Some day . . . some day.

Lori Waggoner said...

Awesome review! That's gotta make a papa proud!

Way to go, Becky!

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...