Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Bridge, Three Interpretations

Interpretation #1 - What the Machine Sees. This is the original unprocessed image. Remember the camera sensor and in-camera processing do not normally have the ability to reproduce the dynamic range of light and color that you "see" when you capture the image. (Click on any of these images to see a larger version.) Okay, I have to clarify. This is not really the original unprocessed file; it's a jpeg of how the RAW file looks without any post-processing. The original unprocessed RAW file is in fact enormously more complex and jammed full of so much more information than can be seen in this pict. But, this is how the original unprocessed image LOOKS before you start using all that information that lies latent in the file itself. Okay. Got it?

Interpretation #2 – What I Saw. This is the image after some normal post processing tweaks in Nikon's Capture NX software. There was no need to use Photoshop CS3 for this image. I've drawn out the color and detail in the file and manipulated the luminosity so as to capture the scene as I saw it on site. Or something close to it anyway. Well, at least how I dreamed it ought to be. ;-)

Interpretation #3 – Dramatic Black & White. Here I used the channel mixer and a few other magic tools in PS CS3 to convert the image to B&W, crop it a bit, and make a few other changes. It's toned in "selenium brown."

Interpretation #4 – Wild & Crazy. Having a little fun in both programs to come up with this surreal, grainy look. I don't know if I even like this or not. It's just there.

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Dennis said...

Hey Jeff,
I really enjoy reading your blog and your mix of theology and photography. Personally, I like Interpretation #3 the best. I do the same thing with my pictures, I create 4, 5, 10 different Interpretations and then can't decide which one I like best, which one to print, which one to post online. It's a wonderful frustration! Feel free to check out my deviantArt gallery.
Keep up the Good Work!

Dennis - MI