Friday, September 7, 2007

The MetroVoice gets a howler from She's No Lady:
The most recent version of Metrovoice(a political, conservative, Christian, local [St. Louis] publication) features an article that spells out the evils of Harry Potter. My tendency is to roll my eyes and sigh, "O, please!" Instead, I will attempt to give a reasonable rebuttal to Ms. Kjos' poorly-written and even more poorly-framed "arguments." Warning: I'm armed with a heavy dose of serrated-edge sarcasm, so if you prefer sweet, gentle words, you may want to leave now! Warning: spoilers ahead for those losers who have not yet finished the series!! ;)
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Ms. Rowling may not have intended the symbolism I have imposed on her story, but my point is that the story can easily be interpreted as blatantly Christian, especially if you believe her confession. At the very least, if her intentions were satanic, we know that "food sacrificed to idols" can be eaten by us, if sanctified by prayer and received with thankfulness, right? If she is deceptively leading us to the occult, let's "confuse the enemy camp" and "plunder the Egyptians" by demonstrating that all truth is God's truth; that all stories are His stories; that even those who don't want to, sometimes accidentally reflect the Image in which they were created!
Read it all here.

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Lori Waggoner said...

Too funny! Wish I had thought of that!

I get royalties, right?