Friday, September 14, 2007

iPod iSquat Nano

Let me say a few things about this new iPod Nano. First, it's incredibly thin. I think I said that already. But it is. Very thin. Insanely thin. Wafer thin. Thin lizzy like thin. Very cool.

Second, I used it to listen to an audio book while walking this week. But I just got around to uploading a few photos and a video to the little critter. Wow. The resolution is sweat. At first I thought that photos would look crummy on the little screen. But no. The color is vivid and the resolution is such that you cannot see any pixels. What's more, the video is smooth, very impressive. Better than my 5th Gen 30GB iPod. It's over 50% brighter. Let me put it this way: watching a video on the new Nano screen is much, much better than uploading it to YouTube and watching it on your desktop monitor.

This little Nano is the best of them all.

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