Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What a Great Country

For all the problems we have, America really is an amazing place to live. I was driving down highway 44 last night at about 9:45 PM. Passing through Webster Groves at Elm I could see the fireworks display just on the south side of the highway. People were lining the overpasses and enjoying the show. I thought about how cool it was to have such freedom and peace. I had just spend the evening playing softball at Forest Park. Afterwards we all sat under a tree in the park and had a few beers, talking about all sorts of nonsense. As I walked back to my car I could see the huge fireworks display over the arch in the distance. I wondered when my red dot scope would arrive in the mail for my new AR-15. 4.7 million new firearms were sold in America just last year. How cool is that? I only wish I had some time to shoot this week. I thought about stopping to get a White Castle burger. My moon roof was open. It was about 80 degrees outside. The XM station was playing Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. What a great country. Happy Fourth of July!

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