Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apple Computers, Baby

I'm sick of hearing and reading about the iPhone. I want upgrades on Apple computers. I don't give a rip about the iPhone. I use my phone to make calls and talk to people. That's it. I use my laptop for everything else when I'm away from my office. If Apple OD's on the iPhone, it'll be bad, real bad.


Unknown said...

Someone needs a hug!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but with the iphone, you can have, in your lapel pocket, a web browser, google maps machine that you can use in lieu of a laptop. My guess is that at a lot of beaches, the wifi from the hotels will be usable on the beach. Anyway, this device could save a lot of mac users from having to lug a laptop everywhere they go.

I've heard they're releasing a new iMac soon that looks pretty amazing. And the touchscreen technology will probably end up on a computer in the near future.

Imagine a macbook with no moving parts - just a glass surface for the keyboard, trackpad, etc. and then the glass display... Wow.

Jeff Meyers said...

Good points, Jon. I recognize that the iPhone will probably lead the way toward all sorts of new devices. But as it stands now, I don't care for it. It doesn't do it for me. If I got it, it would be an expensive toy. I have enough of those already. I'll wait for the next generation devices.