Thursday, September 11, 2008

Polished Poodle

Image of the Day


Beth Ellen said...

That is just bizzare! I enjoy your photos. I am interested in infrared too but don't have a dedicated IR camera so have some filters. It's a start. :)

Paweł Bartosik said...

Hello pastor Jeff,

My name is Pawel Bartosik. I am a pastor of Evangelical Reformed Church in Poland (Gdansk). I've read your book The Lord's Service. Brilliant! I also read regullary your articles from BH website (we have J.Jordan or P. Leithart almost every year at our conference in Poland) and from the other reformed sites.

I have a theological question: May I use one of your photos on my blog (home page)? My address is:


Pawel Bartosik

Jeff Meyers said...

Thank you for your kind words, Pawel. Yes, fee free to use one of my images (with attribution, of course). Let me know where it is so I can see it! ;-)

Paweł Bartosik said...

Thank you. You can see it at: (my blog). Unfortunately there are no posts in English (except some links).

Jeff Meyers said...

Pawel, that's cool. I wish I could read it. But it's still cool! Thanks!

Paweł Bartosik said...

On my blog I write for Polish people (Americans can see photos and movies ;-) but here is some informations in English from the website of our church.