Saturday, April 12, 2008

Space Vulture

There are some SciFI books that make you think about moral or philosophical issues, some that delight you with descriptions of alien races and worlds, some that make your head spin with technical descriptions of future technologies. But there are some that are just plan fun. Lots of fun for everyone. Space Vulture is that SciFi book. It's all about boys, ray guns, smelly aliens, heroes that are too good, and a villain that is a cosmic bad boy.

This is not a book about big ideas or complex philosophical conundrums. In fact, it's rather childish. But I must confess, it had me ginning on more pages than most novels I read. Is the plot contrived? Yeah, of course. But the characters are likable, if not believable. This is SciFi pulp fiction. It's not meant to be taken seriously. It's meant to be enjoyed. And it's absolutely safe for children. I don't often get to say that about books I like. Without giving away too much, you should be prepared for some interesting Christian themes. This is great pulp space opera. The big adventure. For some reason, it reminded me of the old Johnny Quest cartoons.


sh said...

Gary K. Wolf is also the creator of the fictional Roger Rabbit.

BTW PAstor Meyers, do you have the Jonny Quest original episodes on DVD? good fun!

Jeff Meyers said...

No, I didn't know the Johnny Quest series was on DVD. Good memories, I'm sure.

sh said...

The first season being the best. (Subsequent efforts weren't very well done.) And it does hold up quite well even though it's 40+ years old.

There's a HUGE amount of related material online here:

Unknown said...

Your blog readers will want to know about our new joint effort: SPACE BUZZARD, by James B. Jordan and Archbishop Jeffrey Meyers.

Jeff Meyers said...

But you shouldn't give out that title yet, Jim. We haven't finalized it. I still favor GALACTIC RODENT.

pdug said...

"And it's absolutely safe for children."

Is it? I was (amd my wife definitely was) getting nervous as Space Vulture contemplated his desire to enslave Cali. Should I assume all of that will fly over the head of a 7 and 9 year old, or be perceived as a Snidely Whiplash sort of "Nell, you must marry me and if you don't I'll tie you to railroad tracks"