Sunday, April 27, 2008

Magic Light

The new banner for the blog is a shot I took Friday on Grant's Trail in South St. Louis county. I was riding my bike in the morning with my camera bag. I knew a storm was coming and so I hoped that there would be some good light. Well, the morning sun was shining slantwise as the dark clouds were coming in from the west. Photographers call this kind of situation "magic light." In fact, the light was so good that I was scrambling to find a suitable image to capture. Normally, you frame a great subject to capture but then make do with whatever cruddy light you have. This time I had great light and nothing much to shoot. As it turned out the fence, power lines, dirt trail, and the asphalt bike trail all make for a pretty nice vanishing point. I'll have more shots to post from this little bike ride. Oh yeah, I cloned out the power poles and lines for the blog banner because they didn't work with the close, narrow crop needed to make the banner.

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i love learning said...

Very neat picture! I'm constantly impressed by all the great photos you take. I'm sure my brother, Curran, would love to talk with you about photography when we move to the St. Louis area. He has a blog with a lot of good pictures at