Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beach World Sunrise

This is one of my favorite images. I took it last year, but I believe I've just now processed it to my liking.

See a better quality image here.

I know, I know. This site is becoming my photo blog. So be it. Theological blogging isn't safe these days. I'll leave it at that. Visit the Biblical Horizons Blog if you want some good biblical-theological stuff.


sh said...

i hope you aren't really giving up on the Theological blogging here Pastor Meyers. i'm sure i speak for many when i say, 'much has been learned from this blog!!!'

Jeff Meyers said...

Nah. Not really. I'll be posting a new series of posts on the regulative principle of worship tomorrow. Stay tuned!

jennifer h said...

Nothing to do with your post, although the photo is cool, but I wanted to tell you to go check out Angie's blog entry about Chuck Norris and you:


As you might imagine, it is funny.