Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pop Music Meme

Mark tagged me for this a few days ago.

I turned 18 in 1975. I was a mess. I can hardly remember anything. It's the year I graduated from high school and headed off to college at Mizzou.

Hey, and what's weird is that hair style is coming back. I saw a young anchor on NBC's Nightly News the other night that looked like he might have walked out of my High School year book onto the set at NBC.

That year I saved my money working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in St. Louis and bought a new stereo system. It was an old component system - Pioneer amp and tuner, with two Advent tower speakers. I remember the Advents putting out some nice sounds.

I loved the Eagles, and "One of these Nights" was one of my favorites. I saw the Eagles in concert twice. Once at the Mississippi River Festival in Illinois and once, I believe, at the Fox in St. Louis. But I could be wrong about that. Of course, disco was just getting hot and KC and the Sunshine Band's "That's the way I like it" may have been one of the first big disco hits. By the time I graduated from college we all hated disco.

You gotta remember that we listened to songs on vinyl discs at home and eight-track tapes and AM mono radios in our cars. I don't believe there were any cassette decks in our cars yet.


Bobber said...

Those Advents were awesome speakers.

Nah, FM was very much around. KSHE was at the height of it's glory. If you wanted to hear the latest progressive rock, KSHE was the FM place to be.

Jeff Meyers said...

Yeah, you're right about FM and KSHE, but you had to own a car with an FM radio and I didn't. Most of my friends didn't. My '69 Malibu had a push-button AM radio.

Mike said...

Wow. The Eagles at the Fabulous Fox. That would have been amazing. My wife and I have been blessed enough to catch a few shows there, including The Lion King, and Les Miserables, but we never caught a concert there. I'm trying to decide if there's a modern band that seeing in concert at the Fox would top The Eagles. Maybe U2 in an unplugged show? That would be pretty sweet.

Bobber said...

Ok, dating myself but here's a some concerts that I saw in St. Louis around this time:

Led Zep (at the old arena, terrible sound, lots of echo is all I remember)

10 Years After (at Kiel, one of the loudest)

Neil Young (at Kiel)

Genesis with Peter Gabriel (at Kiel, I think I saw them twice)

Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jean Luc Ponty (Ambassador Theater, this may have been the best concert I have ever attended of all time.)

Yes (at least 3 times at Keil, they were my favorite group)

Jeff Meyers said...

Concerts, huh? I saw. . .

Loggins & Messina at Mississippi River Festival (MRF)

Nitty Gritty Dirk Band at MRF

James Taylor at Fox (or was it the Kiel)

Ozark Mountain Daredevils somewhere or other

Pure Praire League at MRF

Elton John at the Arena (I apologize for this)

Yes at the Hearne Center in Columbia, MO

But I really can't remember all the bands we saw at the Mississippi River Festival.

Here's a few pictures of what it was like. The first one is way too tame. Go to the next two and you'll see it was kinda like a little Midwest Woodstock.

Mark said...

I was still listening to 8track in college. I listened to Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare on a portable player in the neighboring dorm room to mind.

And cassettes were still a main source of music through 1989.

Premodern Bloke said...

I went to see OMD at the MRF as well. Jimmy Buffet opened for them. Was Supe (Michael) Granda (bass player for OMD) at Lindbergh when you were there? His younger sister was in my class ('79)