Monday, June 25, 2007

New Theological Blog

My other blog was too cumbersome and a royal pain to publish. I don't want to have to post a picture with every entry. And iWeb is too slow. This blog will allow me to post quickly and without the need to worry about fonts, pictures, etc. Besides, there's still so much that needs to be "corrected."

Just for the record, my other and older blogs can be found here:

The original Corrigenda was largely incorporated into CACOETHES SCRIBENDI.

Then there is CACOETHES SCRIBENDI II. I'll leave that up for personal posts and whatnot.

This second Corrigenda, however, will be where I will post daily (hopefully).


Angie B. said...

>I don't want to have to post a >picture with every entry

Too bad. Your pictures were always entertaining.

Wayne Larson said...

I hope you enjoyed your vacation. :-)

Mike said...

If you're looking for something that allows you to post quickly, without any problems, I'd suggest avoiding blogger! I used it for several months before I couldn't stand it anymore. The way to go, in my opinion, is Wordpress. You can either have them host it for you (, or download it ( and host it on your own server. Either way, you'll be glad you're not messing with Blogger and its, ahem, unique attributes.

Richard Okimoto said...

Or get a WordPress hosted blog at

Ann Barlow said...

I love blogger - their new system is really good, I think. Auto save, etc. Of course, I use my own blog software, but blogger is a great alternative.

Or, you could port all your content from all your other blogs into one blog and avoid the Mark Horne blog thing that changes all the time :)

Jeff Meyers said...

So far I really like blogger. It's SOO much easier than iWeb. I just quickly embedded a YouTube video that would have taken me much longer on iWeb.

I think I'll stay for a while.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you have come to realize that blogging is a vacation. :-)

... back to Lurking.

Unknown said...


Glad to see you are going to be blogging agaiun. I admit, when I saw you were going to take the Summer off I was disappointed.

Welcome back! ;)