Friday, May 1, 2009

My Home Study

Just playing around on Friday afternoon. Check this out.
I fixed it. The first one had some bad color cast and the white balance was off. I also figured out how to fix the size.

Use your mouse to move around. Press shift to zoom in and control to zoom out. Cool, huh?


Angie B. said...

I was going to ask what inspired you to do this....then I noticed the empty brandy glass on the desk.

Jeff Meyers said...

Yeah, that's what happens when I drink on Friday afternoon!

rebekah said...

hey...i recognize those gargoyles...i gave them to you!! now you just need to make it able to zoom in :)

John Dekker said...

I accidentally got it to zoom, and now I can't figure out how I did it. :(

And I read an article the other day arguing that a minister really ought to refer to his place of work as a "study" rather than an "office", but I can't for the life of me remember where it was. :(

Anyway, this is wonderful - thanks for inviting us in. :)

Angie B. said...

Click on the picture, then press "Shift" to zoom in, "Ctrl" to zoom out. They worked for me, anyway.

John Dekker said...

Thanks, Angie. It's rather fun looking for books that I have myself. :)

Jeff Meyers said...

I fixed it. The first one was pretty cruddy.

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

If you make it spin really fast, it creates the illusion that Jeff has a dizzying intellect.

Ed said...

Jeff, that's pretty cool. A few questions:

What did you use to do this?

Is this where you do all/most of your study for pastoral ministry? (Or do you have a study on the church grounds as well?)

You have a lot of books on the Trinity! Is that a particular area of interest for you?

Jeff Meyers said...


Thanks for the comments. Yes, I do all of my study here or in the library. I have no study or office at church.

Yes, the Trinity has been a topic of research and study for about 12 years now. I did most of my Th.M. work and my Ph.D class work preparing to do a dissertation on the Trinity. I still have a book or two on this in the hopper. Some day.

I you can find my Biblical Horizon lectures, many of them have trinitarian themes. Also a couple I did at the Minsters Conference in Moscow a few years ago.