Friday, January 23, 2009


The weather was nice yesterday so I took a quick trip up to Grafton, Illinois, in the afternoon to see if I could capture some eagles on the bluffs of the Mississippi. This was my first free time all week, and I was up in North St. Louis eating lunch with someone, so I figured, why not?

There were quite a few eagles out on the river. But in order to capture them you had to pull off the side of the road, check traffic (the road was narrow at the river bank), jump out of the car, aim the camera, focus, and shoot. I got a few through my sun roof.

I'm going to need to go back when I have more time and take a longer lens. Cryminny, my 300mm just wasn't enough, even on my D300 with it's FX-sized sensor. Sigh.

This is the probably the only one that is half-way decent. But it's still not very good. I need to get CLOSER.


Bobber said...

Someone told me recently that they got real close to some on or near the JB bridge.

Anonymous said...

Watch out flirting with BIF -- gets real expensive real fast. You may need the Nikkor 500 or 600. : )

Wayne Larson said...

I keep telling myself that I need to get out to a couple of places around here where there are a lot of these. I'm not sure how close I can get and my longest lens is a 55-200mm.