Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cookbook Celebrity

I'm on vacation this week. Actually, I'm working on and off on a couple of lectures on liturgical reform that I will be delivering next week. But I'm mostly just relaxing. Not much to blog this week or next.

Last night I picked up my oldest daughter from the airport. After working hard over the holidays she was able to get a week off. Her Christmas present to me was The Texas Hill Country Cookbook: A Taste of Provence . The author Scott Cohen is the executive chef at Las Canarias at Omni La Mansion del Rio where Becky is the Pastry Sous Chef for both the Omni La Mansion and the Watermark Hotel & Spa on the river walk in San Antonio. Interestingly enough, we just received the issue of Travel + Leisure that lists the 500 top hotels in the world. The Watermark is on the list, and it's the numer 2 spa in the USA.

And Becky's picture is in the book! The chapter "The Chef's Pantry" has a large picture of the staff. Here it is. Becky is the only girl in the photo so you can't miss her.


D Patrick Cassidy said...


If you come down this way to eat in SA, maybe you could stop to preach in Austin.

All the best,


Jeff Meyers said...

Coolness. How about a conference on Ecclesiastes or the Gospels? ;-)

jennifer h said...

Wow. That's pretty great that Becky is in a photo in the book. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes from the book, too.

Wayne Larson said...

Wow, that's great. We only got to know Becky a little while we were in St. Louis, but she always struck me as having a smart, hard-working, witty yet no-nonsense charm. This sounds dated, but I just want to say, "You go girl!"